A Breaking Bad Tribute

Il est difficile pour moi de faire mieux que Dustin Rowles pour ce qui est de décrire la pure magnificence de cette vidéo :

This music video is lights-out, knock-you-on-your-ass incredible. For “Breaking Bad” fans, it’s a reminder of how unholy good the best drama on television is. On the other hand, if you’ve not seen the show, there’s a lot of spoilers, but they’re mostly out of context, so you probably won’t remember them, and besides, knowing spoilers is scientifically proven not to ruin the story. I’m not saying you should embrace spoilers, but if you need a little impetus to finally plop your ass down in front of the show — it’s best best series on Netflix, after all — this video should serve to demonstrate exactly what it is you’re missing.

source : Warming Glow

Yep, pretty much what he said.

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