Tim Doyle’s UnReal Estate II


Via /Film, Tim Doyle nous revient avec une nouvelle exposition faisant suite à son superbe “Unreal Estate” toujours à la Spoke Art Gallery à San Francisco, intelligemment baptisée “UnReal Estate II” et qui s’intéresse encore avec bonheur et talent à Arrested Development, aux Sopranos, et aux Simpsons, et aussi cette fois-ci à Doctor Who, He-Man, Twin Peaks, Downton Abbey, Deadwood, Firefly et Futurama

Spoke Art is proud to present, “UnReal Estate II” the follow up solo show by Austin-based illustrator and screen printer Tim Doyle. Last year, Doyle changed the pop culture landscape, quite literally, with his expressive re-interpretations of famous TV show locations…For 2013 the artist returns to our San Francisco gallery space to once again remap our collective consciousness though a whole new series of re-imagined iconic pop culture locations crafted through the medium of hand made screen prints and original pen and ink illustrations […]

Please join us on Thursday, February 7th from 6pm-10pm for the debut of UnReal Estate II at Spoke Art San Francisco. Tim Doyle will be in attendance and complimentary beverages will be served. (Spoke Art)

Petite preview :



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